“I highly recommend Lisa. She teaches language in a non-traditional way and at the same time covers all the requirements and skills that people need to learn and improve the English language”

– Karina Arce Paz, Peru

Hi, I’m Lisa.

I help people move from feeling reluctant, shy, anxious, nervous, or frustrated when they speak English, to communicating confidently and effectively.

I help you discover what is holding you back and give you the strategies you need to build confidence and break down barriers so you can tell your stories in your world.

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The Culture Cafe

  • Connect with other learners to practise speaking English
  • Build your confidence to communicate more effectively
  • Discuss topics related to your own and other cultures
  • Listen to other accents
  • Prepare yourself for global communication in English
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Language Coaching

  • Explore your needs and motivation for learning English

  • Set your goals to create your individual learning plan

  • Get where you want to be faster, through brain-friendly coaching conversations and ongoing feedback and evaluation
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  • Participate in practical hands on workshops
  • Learn strategies to improve your fluency
  • Put these strategies into practice
  • Connect with other learners from around the world
  • Engage and learn
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10 Secrets to Better Fluency

Download my guide with 10 super simple strategies you can start using today to transform the way you learn and find your confident English voice.

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10 secrets to better fluency