Have you spent years learning English vocabulary and grammar but still don’t have the confidence to speak?

Have you spent too much time studying things which are not useful or you quickly forget?

Do you want to improve your English faster and speak more effectively…

Let me help…

Hi I’m Lisa and want to help you change the way you learn English. 

I love learning languages but I know that it’s not always easy!

Over the years I’ve studied a few languages, French and German at school and university and a little bit of Arabic and Chinese for work. Although I was a super conscientious student (some might say swot) and studied lots of vocabulary and grammar rules, I never had the confidence to speak.


Learning a language is an amazing thing but we often spend too much time studying vocabulary and grammar. We don’t fully engage with the language and its culture or use it in a personal or meaningful way.  The result is, after years of studying we can’t communicate effectively.

When I moved to Spain I learnt Spanish (and then Galician) but this time it wasn’t so difficult. The language was everywhere and I had to use it all the time.

FAQ acenglish

I’m now learning Swedish (a lockdown challenge to myself that I continued when I discovered I loved it!) Just like many people learning English however, I don’t live in the country and I’m not surrounded by the language.


So, will I ever speak Swedish confidently?




Because I’ve found a better way…

people connected

Are you ready to TRANSFORM the way you learn English to communicate more effectively?

  • Get to know your brain and how it likes to learn (you will be unstoppable!)
  • Use tools and strategies to help you learn more efficiently (that means faster and better)
  • Build your confidence to speak more fluently (I’m with you all the way; coaching, guiding, step by step…)
  • Speak Real English for a Real World (that means English that is personal and relevant, English you can use to communicate with your people in your world, a world outside the classroom. No textbooks!)
  • Feel empowered (you are the protagonist here!)

Find out how…


When I’m not busy helping you transform your learning, you’ll probably find me at home, reading, drinking tea and eating chocolate. I might also be doing yoga (not while drinking tea!) trying to keep up my new “hobby” of running, or deciphering the names of the furniture in IKEA (any opportunity to learn a bit more Swedish. What can I say? I’m a language geek…)

Home is Galicia or “green Spain” (it rains a lot!) I live in a small village with views of the Portuguese mountains. I live with my partner, who grows organic fruit and veg, my two kids and our crazy pets, Suni our dog and Jango Bob our cat. 

My other home is Bradford in the UK. I’ve lived in Spain for 20 years but I’m still a Yorkshire lass (“girl” in Yorkshire speak) at heart!

My “third home” is the world! I’m a bit of a culture junkie and I’ve been lucky to live and work in some amazing countries and have the opportunity to travel and discover new cultures and meet some fantastic people over the years.

A random fact about me is that I’ve worked at the same language academy in Portugal as J.K Rowling aka as creator of Harry Potter (just not at the same time.) Another random fact about me is that I am nowhere near as rich as J.K Rowling!

“I feel more confident and motivated to continue learning and improving the English language”

Lisa makes sessions easy to follow and to become proficient step by step without any stress and in a friendly way. Every class is a challenge to continue learning and improving…

Karina Arce Paz, Peru

“With Lisa I’ve improved my level in English considerably”

The thing I most liked was that learning has always been enjoyable and everything that I’ve learnt has been really useful

Carina Estévez Alvarez, Spain

The professional bits

I’ve been teaching since 1997 when I graduated from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I started my teaching career in the UK in a state secondary school, teaching English and French.

Since 1999, I’ve taught general and business English to both children and adults in Spain, Portugal, Egypt and Hong Kong.

Since settling in Spain, I’ve worked for the British Council and International House in Barcelona and am currently employed by the local council in Galicia to teach EFL. In 2019 I became a Neurolanguage Coach®1 (certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation) and began coaching online.

I’m passionate about helping learners develop the skills they need to be successful in our modern, global world. I am an advocate of using innovative approaches to help every student reach their full potential and become lifelong learners.

You can find me on Linkedin.


  • Language Coaching Certification Course – Efficient Language Coaching International Coaching Federation (2019)
  • Cambridge RSA/Celta certificate in English language teaching (Grade A) International House, Barcelona (1999)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1996/7)
  • BA Combined Honours (English, French, Anthropology) – University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1991/4)

  1. Registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling. Method and approach created by Rachel Marie Paling