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100% personalized language coaching courses for individuals and small groups to help you communicate effectively and confidently

Are you an intermediate learner who has spent some time studying vocabulary and grammar but you still find it difficult to express yourself in English?

Do you feel frustrated because you can’t remember the language you need ?

Do you avoid saying something because you’re not sure if it’s correct ?

The good news is, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place!

Create your Individual Learning Plan and become familiar with the powerful Neurolanguage Coaching® approach in a free introductory session.

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“education that helps young people develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, that builds their sense of personal worth and agency, and teaches them to interact with others constructively and effectively, has transformative potential” – Unicef

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Coaching for teens

Brain-friendly language coaching to help teens like you develop the confidence and skills you need to be successful in our connected, global society

I will help you:

* build the confidence you need to express yourselves in English

* develop the linguistic skills you need to communicate in English more effectively

* overcome the fear of making mistakes and the embarrassment of speaking a foreign language

* minimise the frustrations of learning a new language

* learn to love English!

“Very organized and dedicated in each class. Really impressed how you can take advantage of the technology in a very good way to teach.”

I highly recommend Lisa. She teaches language in a non-traditional way and at the same time covers all the requirements and skills that people need to learn and improve English language. It’s a learning experience with a very professional person who knows how to transfer knowledge in an easy way.

Karina Arce Paz, Peru