Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ACEnglish courses.

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Can I try a session?2019-08-11T18:40:13+02:00

The introductory live session is free. From this you will get a good idea of what a live session is like.  I will use the same coaching style and some of the same brain-friendly techniques I use in regular sessions. 

You can also watch a recorded live session in the Welcome module.  You can’t participate, but you will get an idea what a live session is like and improve your English at the same time! 

You can sign up for my eMag The Buzz to receive information about upcoming free live events online. If you sign up for The Buzz, you will also receive free materials and resources, similar to the pre and post live session activities you will find in the members’ are


Do I need to be a technology expert?2018-10-04T17:21:00+02:00

No, you don’t need to be an expert.  The technology you will use is not difficult but you need to know the basics: How to log in/out, use social media, save and attach a document… My video tutorials will explain how to do things.

How do I know what level I am?2019-08-09T22:13:27+02:00

You can check the guide to CEFR levels and you can do a level test.  I recommend Dialang (funded and maintained by Lancaster University) an online diagnostic system to assess language proficiency in listening, reading, writing, grammar or vocabulary.

Don’t worry if you are not sure…  Before you begin your sessions with me, you will complete a short ACEnglish level placement test and you will engage in an informal conversation to assess your speaking skills in the free introductory session.

How many sessions will I have?2020-08-05T10:28:21+02:00

That depends on you… Everyone’s needs are different.  Before you start coaching sessions, you will first complete a needs analysis questionnaire and level test. In the introductory session we will discuss your needs and based on your goals, create your individual learning plan.  

Maybe you only need to refresh your English or maybe you want to study English more long term.  Sessions are usually grouped into modules in blocks of 8.  A refresher course could be only one module.

How often are the live sessions?2020-08-05T10:30:47+02:00

That depends on you and your needs.  In the introductory session, together we will create your individual learning plan.  Sessions are usually grouped into modules in blocks of 8, however, this is flexible.

I do recommend that sessions are regular for effective learning to take place.  Most people usually attend 2 live sessions a week (60 minutes each session) 


What do I need?2019-08-09T22:27:06+02:00

A reliable internet connection and a computer, tablet or smart phone.  

A headset/earphones with microphone

A webcam (if you don’t have an integrated camera)

A quiet, comfortable place to attend the session

A sense of humour 😉

What if I can’t attend a live session?2020-08-05T10:29:45+02:00

Individual live sessions can be rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hour’s notice. 

See the general Terms and Conditions for more details.

Who are ACEnglish coaching sessions for?2020-08-05T10:25:26+02:00

Coaching sessions are for low intermediate learners upwards (13+ years old) who want to speak to English more confidently for professional or personal reasons.


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